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LASH EXTENSION : Please see LASH INFO for pricing. 

*NEW: BROW LAMINATION                                  $75

KERATIN LASH LIFT & TINT                                   $99 

LASH TINT  ONLY                                                  $20
HENNA TINT    No Waxing                                   $45 
HOLLYWOOD TINT No waxing                            $25

SGA HOLLYWOOD BROW SCULPT + Traditional tint  ( Currently Only Without wax Available. Tint , Shape & Trim ONLY )
INITIAL SESSION Or Sessions After 4 weeks  $50.   Without wax $25
ONGOING SESSIONS Within 4 weeks $38             Without wax $25

The Hollywood sculpt has been designed by our artist herself. It includes a unique full brow measure, reshape, wax, tint & skin stain lasting roughly up to 6 weeks on hair and up to 3- 5 day on skin.  If desired, we can also create the perfect ombre brow. 

*Currently Only Without wax Available $45. Tint/ Shape & Trim Only. 
Waxing Currently Not Available Until Further Notice. 

Our formula strengthens the hair follicle to promote natural hair growth allowing nutrients to penetrate within whilst in tinting process.  Custom Colours Available. Tattoo effect Skin stain lasting up to 1 week on skin. 
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ALL WAXING Services are CURRENTLY NOT AVAILABLE until further notice - Sorry For The Inconvenience. 

Not Available 

Brow waxing - Not Available 
HALF LEG                                                     $25./ Not available 
3/4 LEG                                                          $35/ Not Available 
FULL LEG                                                     $50/ Not Available 
FEET/TOES                                                 $7/. Not Available 
NECK                                                            $15/ Not Available 

BIKINI                                                          $25/ Not Available 
HALF ARM                                                 $20/ ''''
3/4 ARM                                                      $25/ '''' 
FULL ARM                                                  $30/ ''''
UNDERARM                                               $17/ ''''

LOWER BACK  PATCH                         $12/ Not Available 
EARS                                                          $12/ ""
NOSE                                                          $10/ ""
FULL BACK                                             $35-45/ ""
CHEST FULL                                           $45/ ""

Terms and Conditions : 
How to get the most out of your session:  All sessions are now time capped. A complimentary lash cleanse is provided at your session, however shall extra time be needed to remove harsh makeup build up, please be aware this time will or may result in less lash extensions applied. We recommend coming to your appointment with clean lashes to ensure more longevity from your extensions . Mascara or any oil & alcohol based products are to be avoided for at least 48 hours pre session, as this can tamper with the PH levels of your lashes resulting in poor retention.  Clean natural lashes equals longer lasting extensions. 

Due to extremely high demand of sessions: Please note our booking fee is taken to securely hold your session, meaning that we will turn away clients whom request to book in for your time slot. This  booking fee is a non refundable charge, however the amount is fully deducted from your session. SGA is no longer taking deposits. Rescheduling prior to 48 hours is available. All last minute cancellations within 24 hours  will incur full session fee to be added to your next visit. . If you wake up feeling really unwell  24 hours prior to your appointment, we get it,  life happens. Please notify us in the morning to avoid the full session fee. Please do not wait until 2 Hours- 5 minutes before your appointment as this will count as a last minute cancellation. For all session changes please text or call SGA. No Social media messages. Thank you.
For all emergencies please call 0424 444 622

SGA does have a loyal customer policy . For more updated T&C's please read the T&C section in the booking system.